How to Post to NCF Nurses Blog

NCF staff will accept and evaluate entries from authors for no reimbursement according to the following criteria and procedure.

Criteria for an NCF Nurses Blog post:

  • Topic must be of interest to nursing students and nurses.
  • Topic must be presented from a biblical, Christian perspective.
  • Writing style and composition must be high quality.
  • Content must be original or appropriately referenced.

Procedure to Submit a Blog post entry:

1. Compose a blog entry according to the NCF Nurses Blog criteria.
2. Submit the blog entry via e-mail to
a. Include this subject line- Submission to the NCF Nurses Blog
b. Include in the body of the email (* i-iii must be included for entry to be considered):
*i. Author’s name and credentials/background
*ii A statement that the content is the author’s original work and/or include appropriate references for non-original work.
*iii Accurate references to biblical passages and other quoted text.
iv A suggested title for the entry.
v Reason for submitting the blog entry- student assignment, recommendation from another person, opportunity to share personal insights about Christian faith and nursing, etc.
vi An explanation of why the content is of interest to nurses and students.
vii A photo of people or related subject, if desired, but must also include a statement that describes all the necessary permissions from people in the photo and the photographer.
3. Upon receipt of the entry, NCF staff will;
Communicate with the author and review the entry within 14 business days.
Determine if the entry meets all criteria and communicate with the author regarding the determination.
Post the entry upon completion of approval and editing process.

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