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God is my life

January 22, 2015

NC StudentsKayla is a nursing student in our NCF chapter at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro. In a recent discipleship meeting, I asked Kayla, “How do you bring together your relationship with the Lord and your life in nursing school?”

At first Kayla struggled to answer my question. “I don’t think of it that way. God is my life,” she said.

I knew that God had transformed Kayla’s life in big ways over the past year, and I was overjoyed to hear how she responded to my question. Her passion showed through her joyous tears as she explained her relationship with God as a junior in nursing school.

Kayla continued, “God isn’t compartmentalized anymore. My time is His. I used to view my schedule as mine and I believed that I was in control. Now I see my time as His and I organize my life to reflect eternal values. I trust Him to take care of me. Sometimes that even means taking a break from studying to care for my roommate who isn’t a Christian.”

It is because of God that Kayla can have this perspective. She told me later in the conversation that God’s work in her life had brought her heartache for a time, but it was the best thing that could ever happen to her!

I’m praising God that Kayla said “yes” to Jesus’ call. I believe Kayla will do great things for God’s kingdom, both at UNCG as a student and on into her career as a nurse.

-by Miriam Robinson, NCF staff

Top 5 NCF Blog Posts of 2014

January 12, 2015

We’ve collected the highlight reel of the top posts on the NCF Nurses Blog for 2014. They reflect a diversity of stories from NCF nurses, students, faculty, and staff. Yet they all share a common theme: faith in Jesus makes a difference for those who love and serve God.

May God’s Spirit fill you for his glory in 2015!

C. Dameron#1 Christian Nursing 101

What does it mean to be a Christian nurse? How is Christian faith reflected in essential skills for our profession and practice?


 #2 Barbara White: a World-Changer

B. WhiteDr. Barbara White, RN, CNS, is a world-changer in healthcare education. She is passionate about how Christian nurses can make a difference in healthcare. “Hospitals are filled with holy moments,” she says.

#3 Take Care!

Take Care

Nurses, as caregivers, are often the last people to take care of themselves. Airline emergency prep procedures instruct passengers to put on their own oxygen mask before assisting others. This is an example to apply to our lives as nurses.


#4 Nursing Students See Answered Prayer

NCF Student group

When Meghan and her friends started a new Bible study last fall, they prayed that God would bring more students. God answered their prayers beyond what they imagined!

#5 God is Omnipotent


Nurses know the five rights of medication administration and check that medications don’t lose effectiveness or potency over time. Unlike medications, God never loses his strength, potency, or effectiveness.


See more of the top stories from the NCF Nurses Blog, including No Nurses in Heaven, Discovering Real Mission, and From NCF Student to Staff Volunteer.

NCF Badgers Host Christmas Party

December 18, 2014

Bucky cookiesDecorating sugar cookies the week before finals was a fun stress-buster for the NCF chapter at the University of Wisconsin–Madison. A cookie cut-out of the school’s mascot, Bucky Badger, invited artistic creativity to busy nursing students at the end of the semester.

The NCF leadership team made the sugar cookies in advance and hosted a Christmas party which included a very entertaining white elephant gift exchange.

“It was a great way to get to know each other better as we decorated the cookies and chatted,” said Bonnie Hann, NCF staff. The “Decorate Bucky” contest proved that our NCF chapter has some very talented artists!”

Christmas partyStudents appreciated a fun event that wasn’t centered around studying or going to the bars, two popular choices on campus at this time of year.

The NCF Christmas party was a culmination of a busy semester for the NCF group. They gathered for a weekly Bible study in the Gospel of John on Wednesday afternoons led by Stephen, the chapter co-president.

Khloe is the other co-president who leads a prayer group on Mondays and organizes many of the social events. Both Stephen and Khloe have really reached out to the juniors in the group to get them more involved in the group to provide continuity for next year.

“We’ve seen a lot positive changes and growth in the group this year,” Bonnie reports. “The UW campus has a brand new School of Nursing so it’s a fruitful season for the chapter. Nursing students are open to God’s work in their lives.”

Just ask Bucky Badger.


Read more stories about NCF student ministry or visit the NCF website for nursing student resources.

Witnessing What God is Doing

September 4, 2014

Jane HallI am so privileged to witness what God is doing among nurses and nursing students through NCF ministry! God is providing growing opportunities to develop strong disciples who will care for others with the compassion of Christ.

Will you partner with NCF by giving to the NCF Growth Fund? Your prayers and financial support are critical for our investment in young leaders in nursing.

We know that so much can happen in a school year. Last year, students and faculty in 93 NCF campus chapters found answers to their questions and balm for their souls as they explored God’s Word together. Nurses met around the country to make Jesus known in nursing. God did this — and so much more!

And now we are looking ahead and asking what will God do this year?

We aren’t sure, but we are full of faith and anticipation for how our powerful God will work through NCF this coming year, as he has done faithfully for the past 66 years.

Students and nurses who come to NCF find authentic community and hope for their journey. They explore answers to their questions about suffering, death, faith, and how they all fit together. Most of all, they find that a deeper relationship with Jesus makes all the difference in how they live out their calling in God’s great Kingdom.

As we enter into a new season of ministry, will you pray that our great God will provide staff who can build communities of students and faculty to participate in God’s global mission?

And please consider a donation to the NCF Growth Fund to advance God’s work of transformation in nursing. Thank you for your partnership!

–by Jane Hall, NCF Director

Pray for NCF – here are some specific ways.

A New Season for Renee Lick

August 28, 2014

ReneePlease join our NCF staff team in saying thank you to Renee Lick, NCF Student Ministries Director. God has called Renee to leave her position with NCF at the end of August. She will continue ministering to students and faculty through another position with InterVarsity’s Graduate and Faculty ministry in Chicago. We are very grateful for Renee’s rich contributions to NCF over the past ten years.

Renee served four years on campus at University of Illinois-Chicago where she equipped students to lead the NCF chapter and prepared them to follow Jesus in nursing. Some of these graduates are now serving God in graduate school, as Advanced Practice Nurses, among Native American communities in Alaska, and in hospitals and clinics all across the country. Renee enjoyed teaching these students about holistic care and how to care for the spiritual needs of their patients.

For the past six years, Renee has served as NCF Student Ministries Director. Renee has enriched NCF with a vision to grow witnessing communities of students and faculty who follow Jesus in schools of nursing. She has enabled staff, students, and faculty to see great opportunities for NCF ministry on campus.

Renee’s vision is to see students following Jesus with their whole lives, including in their lives as nurses. She partnered with our InterVarsity colleagues to reach more nursing students on campus and recruited new campus staff and volunteers. We thank God that the number of nursing students involved in ministry on campus has increased by 13% over the past 5 years.

Renee has engaged with students and faculty on many campuses through retreats, seminars and the Urbana Student Mission Conferences. Renee co-led student mission trips (Global Projects) to Kenya and Uganda. She also co-led a transcultural immersion experience for nurses following the NCF International conference in Nigeria.

We know that God will use Renee’s gifts and talents to further his Kingdom work! Please pray for Renee in the transitions ahead and for her marriage to Trevor in October.

–Jane Hall, NCF Director

Joy in Serving God

August 25, 2014

PriscillaPriscilla Yeboah was born in Ghana, West Africa and moved to the U.S. when she was 11 years old. She says, “My faith grew through the experiences I had in college. I thank God for InterVarsity and NCF because it was another opportunity for God to increase my faith and ground me deeper in his Word.”

Priscilla loves nursing and wants to serve as a missionary nurse. For Priscilla, nursing is a calling and a career. Every day that she is with patients, she learns about being Christ’s servant. Read more ⇒

Students and Faculty Transformed at Camp

June 30, 2014


NCF Faculty Advisor Jeanette Crawford, RN, MSN, was amazed and humbled when she went to her first InterVarsity training camp with two nursing students and another faculty member in May. “I was struck by the eagerness of all the students to share their passion for the Lord. We spent many hours together scrutinizing Scripture,” she said.

“I witnessed young people who burned with the desire to gain new understanding and apply it to their lives,” Jeanette added. “It was an eye-opening experience to study the Gospel of Mark (which I have read many times) and then discover new insights!”

Another faculty advisor and two NCF student leaders from Georgia Perimeter College joined other students from InterVarsity Southeast at the magnificent Pinnacle Retreat Center. Together they gathered to worship, study Scripture, pray and seek God’s work in their lives and in their ministry on campus.

Nearly missing out

Devindra Cariño, an NCF student leader, was not planning to attend the training event due to finances. She was elated when InterVarsity staff Skip McDonald told her she received a scholarship, along with another chapter member, Paula Ball. “The opportunity to attend the InterVarsity Chapter Camp was an absolute blessing.  It was amazing to see all of the like-minded students who were there studying Jesus, changing our relationship with him, and pursuing a vision of reaching our campus with his gospel,” Devindra said. “The beautiful retreat center made our time of reflection, evaluation and listening to God so peaceful and enjoyable.”

Paula Ball also nearly missed the experience. “Sometimes, as nursing students, we are offered opportunities and we dismiss them too quickly. What a jewel I would have missed,” she admits. “My heart is full from worshiping our Creator and digging deeper with God through inductive Bible study methods. Jesus used this camp to woo me from the world to meet him.”

Faculty enrichment

“This was my first opportunity to participate in chapter camp and I must admit it was phenomenal,” said faculty advisor Tanis Goldman, RN, BS. “I have attended Bible study for 16 years and have never been guided to such depth of wisdom and understanding. I learned so much and will share my experience with others who desire to study God’s Word.” As a result of camp, the students requested more training to lead inductive Bible studies with their classmates. They are planning a day-long training meeting to prepare for growth of the group at GPC.

Jeanette’s vision for the group is expanding. “My hope is that next year we can bring at least 8 students to this camp. It’s a wonderful time of fellowship, praise and spiritual growth.”


Will you invest in the future of healthcare?

June 13, 2014

Invest in the future of healthcareHealthcare is changing. Today’s nursing graduates are facing a challenging future in nursing. But one thing never changes: our eternal and compassionate God! He is the source of hope, identity, peace, and ultimate health and wholeness – our true shalom. This is our message as Christian nurses. It’s good news!

That’s why we are passionate about equipping nurses, students and educators to be faithful followers of Jesus in nursing. Nurses who love Jesus and serve others have a special calling in our broken and pain-filled world. We want to encourage you in the opportunities you have to reflect the love of Jesus professionally and personally.

Nurses Christian Fellowship is a non-profit ministry funded by donations. Will you join us to advance God’s Kingdom among nurses, students and educators? We want to contribute a Christian voice to nursing for a long time to come!

Crisis in Kiev to Kindness in Kansas

May 19, 2014

It's a GirlThe conflict in Ukraine is close to the heart of the NCF students at Newman University in Wichita, Kansas. A touching front-page news story in The Wichita Eagle explains how the nursing students sprang into action for a woman from Kiev who was pregnant, scared, and in desperate circumstances.

The newspaper article reports,Ukraine native experiences what she already knew: Americans are good.” The story describes how one student in the Newman nursing school, Anastasiya Inchekel, went to the NCF group to ask them to pray for her twin sister who was pregnant and had just arrived from Ukraine to give birth to her baby in safety. Her sister had no prenatal care, no baby supplies, no money, and she was very anxious about her husband being drafted into the army to fight the Russians if war breaks out.

As the Newman NCF group heard about the needs of this family, they immediately sprang into action. First, the students and faculty surrounded the family in prayer, laying hands on Anastasiya when she shared her heart at the NCF meeting. Next they arranged for free prenatal care and maternal services at a local hospital. The local Pregnancy Crisis Center, a Christian ministry, was instrumental in helping to arrange the care.

When the NCF students realized the family had nothing, they hosted a baby shower and provided baby clothes, diapers, wipes, toys, shoes, a crib, and much more. The baby is due May 29, and the NCF students are committed to ongoing prayer and support for the family.

Amy Siple is the NCF faculty advisor and a professor of nursing at Newman who was first aware of Anastasiya’s concern for her sister. She is proud of how the nursing students rose up to serve the needs of those around them.

NCF staff Kathy Schoonover Shoffner said, “These students are learning to put their Christian faith into practice through the art of nursing.”

From Wichita to Kiev – with love!

Read the full news article.

From NCF Student to Staff Volunteer

April 30, 2014

Rachel PhelpsMeet Rachel Phelps, our new NCF Campus Volunteer. Rachel equips nursing students to follow Jesus at Lenoir Rhyne University (LRU) in North Carolina where she is taking graduate studies in nursing administration. She also works full-time as an RN in a cardiac care unit, but loves to make time for ministry on campus.

I have a passion for nursing students to understand the importance of their relationship with Christ while in nursing school. It’s common to get so wrapped up in the demands of nursing school that Christ often gets pushed to the back burner. God always makes time for his children, and it is important to keep focused on him, even with the demands of nursing school. As nurses we have the privilege to be the hands and feet of Jesus, so our growing in our relationship with him is imperative.

Nursing school is not easy. I graduated from Lenoir Rhyne University in 2013 and I remember the spiritual valleys I went through in nursing school. God taught me so many lessons through those difficult times. I want students to know they serve an amazing God and they can turn to him when times get tough.

During my four years at LRU, I was a member of the NCF Bible study and the InterVarsity chapter. In my senior year I was the leader for the Bible study. I tried to make our Bible studies a fun learning experience to get the group involved. I loved getting close to students and encouraging them in their nursing studies, and in their spiritual lives. I was also the president of the InterVarsity chapter on campus which grew from 3 to 25 students while I was an undergrad. I am excited to see where God takes the group next. It is such a blessing to work with these students now as volunteer staff.

Learning Spiritual Care

In the nursing unit I work on, I see death more frequently than I want. I have been given opportunities to tell families why I chose to be a nurse and how God led me into nursing. I offer to pray with families after the death of a loved one and let them know they will remain in my prayers, but I had one encounter with a patient that I do not think I will ever forget.

I had a patient who just had a baby and was having a serious heart procedure. Before I took her down the operating room, I felt led to ask her if she would bring all of her family into her room so I could pray with them. Surprisingly, the patient and the family agreed and God gave me the words for the prayer. I prayed for her procedure and for the healthcare team, and also for her and her husband as they began the journey of parenting their new daughter. This was truly a great experience! I was blessed by this patient and her family.

Handling spiritual issues is something I believe is not taught well in nursing school. I learned that it is appropriate to ask to pray with patients and their families because, in reality, it does comfort them and they long for someone who cares. I am now more comfortable talking with patients about spiritual issues, but I had to learn how to offer spiritual care.

I hope that more nursing students can discover their foundation in Jesus so they can be effective nurses when they graduate. My desire as NCF staff is to help them along that kingdom-building road.


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