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Finding Life at Urbana 15

January 22, 2016


“What story will you tell with your life?” This invitation to tell God’s story deeply challenged 16,000 participants at Urbana 15–including hundreds of nursing students–who gathered in St. Louis for InterVarsity’s student missions conference.

“At Urbana 15, we challenged this generation to tell Jesus’ story with their lives, and to learn from stories that are different than theirs,” said Urbana director Tom Lin. “I pray that this generation will give their whole hearts to Jesus and surrender their lives for God’s global mission.”

Catch the excitement of Urbana in these brief summary videos: Find Your Life and What Story Will You Tell?

During December 27-31, thousands of Urbana participants worshiped God together through music and drama, studied the Gospel of Matthew, prayed for persecuted Christians, and engaged with hundreds of mission-focused seminars and mission agencies.

NCF staff connected with more than 200 people at the NCF exhibit about serving God in nursing. Nursing students got excited to start Bible studies for their friends to learn more about Jesus.  They also discovered the Journal of Christian Nursing and other NCF resources that offer a Christian healthcare perspective to influence their nursing practice.

“My first Urbana conference was in 1990 and this was the best yet,” said Bonnie Hann, NCF Campus Liaison. “I loved talking with nurses and nursing students who were passionate about loving God and serving others with their lives. Some even expressed interest in NCF staff positions.”

Overall, students at Urbana made serious commitments to follow Jesus Christ:

  • 681 students made a decision to follow Jesus in faith at #urbana15
  • 5,418 students committed to taking the book of Matthew back to campus and sharing with friends
  • 9,254 students committed to praying for the global church
  • 5,058 students committed to short-term missions
  • $1,000,000+ raised for our global missions partners

See all the Urbana 15 videos at Be inspired by speaker David Platt’s call to prioritize love for Jesus over service to Jesus. Listen to the audios for healthcare seminars, particularly the seminar on Whole Person Care by Jane Hall and Kathy Schoonover-Shoffner.

“We are praising God for the many significant conversations at Urbana, especially with nursing students who are clearly gifted in leadership,” said Jane Hall, NCF Director. “Please join us in praying for students to take active steps to fulfill the commitments made at Urbana 15—it’s only the beginning of following Jesus for a lifetime.”

Urbana 15: Every life tells a story

March 10, 2015

Find Your Life Urbana 15 VideoGrace was a nursing student who was deeply challenged by her experience at Urbana 12. “Life is so much more than school and my daily struggles,” Grace said. “I want to live for what matters eternally: to glorify God and to love others.”

Similar life-altering experiences await 16,000 students, missionaries and speakers who will gather for the Urbana 15 Student Missions Conference, December 27-31, 2015 in St. Louis, MO. Nursing students will join with others from around the world to hear from God, reflect, pray, worship, and consider their future role in God’s redemptive work.

Hundreds of healthcare students will attend special seminars to help them learn how to practice healthcare as ministry. Leading daily Scripture expositions will be Dr. Patrick Fung, Director of OMF International, who will add his perspective as a medical doctor to his biblical teaching.

Since 1946, God has used the Urbana conferences as a key transformational moment for thousands of people who have responded to God’s call by spreading the good news of Jesus in their neighborhoods and to the ends of the earth. View past Urbana events.

God’s love doesn’t hold back. “I came to Urbana 12 for direction on where God was leading me, but those questions were unanswered,” reported Danny, also a nursing student. “Instead, I was captivated by Jesus again and repented of my sin of indifference toward him. He convicted me of the need to cling to him as a child clings to a parent. I have increasing clarity that Christ is always leading me. He is the answer that I needed.”

As sponsors, InterVarsity and NCF staff are diligently preparing for Urbana 15. It’s not too early to make plans for Urbana 15. Already 857 people have registered. Encourage the nursing students you know to attend the conference next winter break.

Scholarships are available for NCF nursing students starting April 1. Contact NCF for an application. Please support students attending Urbana 15 with a special gift to NCF Scholarships.

Every life tells a story. If you’re a nursing student, what life will you live? Find out at Urbana 15.

You are Part of Something Bigger

September 25, 2014

World Student Day 2014World Student Day is October 17, 2014.

NCF students and InterVarsity students are part of a global movement reaching the world for Christ. We are members of the International Fellowship of International Students (IFES).

Make plans to pray with others in your NCF group on October 17, 2014. Learn about specific opportunities and challenges facing students around the world. Open your heart and mind for what God is doing on campuses in Nigeria, China, Norway, Brazil, Pakistan or Egypt.

Sign up here for instructions, resources and ways to participate in World Student Day. Find out more about IFES in this video, “You Are Part of Something Bigger.”

Our God is a global God. Our faith is a global faith. Our mission is a global mission. We’re praying to support our brothers and sisters around the world on October 17, 2014. Will you join us?

InterVarsity Derecognized at CSU

September 16, 2014

Please PrayPLEASE PRAY for InterVarsity Christian Fellowship! The California State University (CSU) system has issued a nondiscrimination policy that requires InterVarsity to allow non-Christians to be chapter leaders. Nurses Christian Fellowship is a strategic ministry of InterVarsity and is affected by this decision. Our NCF groups are no longer sanctioned to meet on campus.

While we applaud inclusivity, we believe that faith-based communities like ours can only be led by people who clearly affirm historic Christian doctrine. The policy affects 23 InterVarsity chapters on CSU campuses that are no longer officially recognized student groups.

All InterVarsity chapter leaders are required to affirm InterVarsity’s Doctrinal Basis. A new CSU non-discrimination policy does not allow us to require leaders to be Christian. It is essentially asking our InterVarsity chapters to change the core of our identity, and to change the way we operate in order to be an officially recognized student group.

While we are disappointed, we know God is sovereign. He holds the decisions of Cal State and the future of our chapters in his hands. We believe he hears our laments and our requests for intervention. We believe he desires that every student, faculty, and administrator come to a living faith in Jesus.

“Our campus access challenges give this generation of students an opportunity to reinvent campus ministry,” said Greg Jao, InterVarsity’s National Field Director. “Even as we use new tools and techniques, we remind students that effective ministry is ultimately relational. It’s about students inviting other students to follow Jesus.” (See Greg’s video with more information.)

  • Praise God for our great staff and student leaders who are fired up for Jesus, and not daunted by the world.
  • Please continue to pray for students who are boldly reaching out to their campuses in innovative ways.
  • Pray also that the Lord would raise up financial partners to cover the additional costs associated with ministry on campuses where we are no longer able to reserve free meeting space and promote our chapters in the same way we have in the past.

InterVarsity has 949 chapters on 616 college campuses across the U.S. This includes a ministry to nursing students through Nurses Christian Fellowship.

Thank you for standing with us and praying for InterVarsity chapters in the California State University system. For the press release with more information, click here.

Nursing Students See Answered Prayer

February 10, 2014

When Meghan and her friends started a new Bible study last fall at Grand Valley State University (MI), they prayed that God would bring more students. God answered their prayers beyond what they imagined!


A few months later their group expanded to two Bible studies — one for nursing students and one for pre-nursing students — with a total of 22 students involved. Students saw God’s Spirit at work among them and one student re-committed her life to Christ!

Last Saturday I led a special day of training with GVSU students, along with Curt Kuiper, the InterVarsity area director.  We studied the story of Jesus and Zaccheaus  (Luke 19:1-10). Jesus was just passing through Jericho when he looked up and saw a man who was eager to see Him. Jesus changed his plans and told Zacchaeus, “I must stay at your house today.” Jesus reveals his guiding purpose: “to seek and save the lost” (Luke 19:10).

Curt asked us some very challenging questions to actively respond to this Scripture lesson:

  • If Jesus passed through your school of nursing, would he see anything that prompts him to stay?
  • In your life, who do you consider “outside of God’s family,” like Zaccheaus? (Zaccheaus was considered a traitor to his own people because he was a chief tax collector.)
  • How is Jesus inviting you to seek out marginalized people because He wants to spend time with them today?

After hearing the Word, Meghan and the other students discussed how they could take new risks to reach out to others and follow Jesus in their school of nursing.

In my work as NCF staff, I love equipping students like Meghan to lead NCF ministry on campus. We talk about their leadership of the group and discuss where they have seen God at work. We pray together for God’s guidance and thank God for what he has already done!

I also help the leaders plan for the future of the ministry and make sure their vision and purpose is clear. God gives me a glimpse of how he is transforming students’ lives during these conversations and I am so grateful to be part of his mission!

–by Renee Lick, NCF Director of Student Ministries

Barbara White: a World-Changer

January 17, 2014

Dr. Barbara WhiteDr. Barbara White, RN, CNS, is a world-changer in healthcare education. Since nursing school, she’s had ambitious dreams of teaching nursing as ministry, and even becoming a dean. Yet her life journey has included periods of questioning God’s call and how to fulfill her vision for God’s work.

Barbara is passionate about how Christian nurses can make a difference in healthcare. “Hospitals are filled with holy moments,” she said in her testimony for 1300+ InterVarsity and NCF staff at their national conference.

After years of education, teaching and raising a family, Barbara had ongoing questions about how to serve God most effectively. She has realized, “Passionately pleading with God to use you is like passionately pleading for fire to be hot, or water to be wet. God, by his very nature, uses people.”

Eventually Barbara learned that, “God’s call on my life is who I am in him, not what I can do in him.”

God has clearly used Barbara in the lives of nurses around the world. She is the President of NCF International (NCFI). “I love visiting nurses around the world who are faithful to Jesus and serving the people in their own country.” Barb is a member of NCF and appreciates belonging to a professional organization for Christian nurses. “NCF has been a life-line throughout my entire nursing career,” she said.

Barbara serves as the Dean of Nursing and Sciences at Colorado Christian University. This, too, is evidence of God’s hand in her life. She said, “God’s specific call is not an event, a position, an achievement, or something to get ready for. God’s calling is a process of living every day serving others and seeing situations from his perspective.”

Watch all of Barbara’s video testimony at InterVarsity’s national staff conference.

Fighting Human Trafficking in NYC and Beyond

September 20, 2013

#PriceOfLifeNYCMorgan Hennessey is a former NCF student leader with big dreams. She is planning a special seminar October 7-9, 2013 for healthcare students and professionals in the NY/NJ area to raise awareness and fight human trafficking.

“This is a great opportunity for everyone involved with NCF in the Northeast to partner with InterVarsity’s Price of Life Invitational October 1-12, 2013 in New York City,” Morgan said. “This major student-led campaign involves more than 75 diverse organizations uniting to fight human trafficking around the corner and around the world. Please pray for how NCF can make a strategic difference among healthcare professionals by connecting spirituality and justice.”

The special healthcare seminar will be traveling to 4 different campuses: Lehman College (10/7), NYU (10/8), Columbia (10/8), and Hunter College (10/9). The keynote speaker is Dr. Jeff Barrows of Abolition International who will introduce the complex topic of human trafficking. Also speaking is Sandie Morgan, RN and nursing professor at Vanguard, who will talk about some practical ways students and professionals can engage in work against human trafficking.

 The one-day seminar at various locations around NYC is sponsored by NCF will also feature representatives from Medsend that allow health professionals to care for trafficking victims. They will be available to talk with participants who are interested in learning more about opportunities to work on behalf of a group of people who are vulnerable to crimes and abuses such as trafficking.

“I think it is so life-giving to help nurses and nursing students come together around this growing modern-day problem so that victims can move toward real wellness and not fall through the cracks of our healthcare system,” Morgan says.

If you’re in the NY/NJ area, here is your invitation to join others in the student-led Price of Life Invitational by attending the Healthcare Seminar and learning more about the intersection of healthcare and human trafficking.

As a nursing student, Morgan Hennessey was influential in starting the NCF group at The College of New Jersey. She shares her passion for the enslaved in the NCF blogpost, “Stop the Traffick: The Nurse’s Role.” On the lighter side, Morgan and her fellow students created the delightfully funny youtube video, NCF Head-to-Toe Assessment Music Video.


Starting the Year with Prayer

August 23, 2013

Sometimes we forget how much we need the prayer support of others.

Praying for campusesLast Monday was InterVarsity’s Day of Prayer.  We prayed by name for the NCF faculty advisors and student leaders of our chapters. Then we sent each one an email, “NCF is praying for you.”  The response was overwhelming.

“More than 50 NCF faculty advisors responded right away, expressing their appreciation,” said Bonnie Hann, NCF Campus Liaison. “Many of them said it was their first day back on campus and they needed a word of encouragement to begin the semester. Some requested additional prayer for their demanding roles as educators and as faculty mentors for NCF students.”

One faculty advisor in Texas replied, “I have felt your prayers today because my first day back was great (unlike other years).  Praise God for your sensitive spirit to us.”

“Today was our first day of faculty workshop week — I felt God’s special hand in my day!” wrote Barb (OR).

Another faculty advisor in Tennessee wrote, “I just had the opportunity to read this email today, after a very hard week, and it meant so much to me! God hears prayers. He is teaching me how to trust him in everything.”

Will you join us in praying for educators and students who are part of God’s work on campus?

Pray for . . .

. . . students to walk more deeply with the Lord and invite others into their NCF community.

. . . new student outreach events which are critical in the weeks ahead.

. . . faculty advisors to embody the fruit of the Spirit in every interaction and relationship.

. . . many new students to hear about how a relationship with Christ can make a difference in their lives and in their careers as nurses.

. . . new leaders with a vision for outreach at schools where seniors have graduated and left a leadership vacuum.

. . . new faculty advisors and students who are starting new leadership roles and want a bigger vision to reach their school of nursing for Christ.

It is exciting to see how God answers our prayers.

Top Videos from Urbana 12

February 28, 2013

Urbana 12 videosWhat happens at Urbana doesn’t stay at Urbana. The abundant feast of God’s Kingdom is meant to be shared. So we’re sharing the most popular videos from this life-changing mission conference.

What’s the #1 Urbana video? Speaker David Platt probed, “What happens when every single student in this room makes their primary ambition, their primary plan, their primary dream the proclamation of the gospel to the nations? When that takes hold in our hearts, the gates of hell will not stop the spread of the gospel to the ends of the earth.” Watch his inspiring message on Luke 9.

High on the list is the Urbana 12 summary video. Catch a refreshing glimpse of how the next generation of college students is embracing God’s call to love and serve him around the world.

Another popular speaker was Ram Sridharan who challenged students to accept the invitation of the Father to come to feast and celebrate his magnificent love. Hundreds of students responded by publicly declaring their new commitment to Jesus. Watch Ram’s powerful exposition of Luke 15:11-32.

Urbana was full of drama – in a good sense. Here is The Great Invitation, Part One, a hilarious portrayal of Luke 14:15-24. Watch the “Great Invitation” series by Urbana’s performing artists. Spoiler alert: the ending is pretty good!

Our highlight reel includes the testimony of Chai Ling, a leader in the Tiananmen Square protests who found herself on China’s “Most Wanted” list. She talked about escaping China in a crate and how Jesus equipped her for a new mission today.

Check out all the Urbana videos and share in the feast of God’s grace to us in Jesus.

Unpacking Urbana 12

January 11, 2013

Urbana 12 Great Invitation

More than 16,000 participants at Urbana 12 were powerfully challenged with the Great Invitation of God to be actively involved in his work around the world. See the Summary Video of the conference.

“While we can’t fully comprehend the extent of the Spirit’s work among us, my sense is that this was a very special Urbana,” said InterVarsity President Alec Hill. “I suspect that twenty years from now, Urbana 12 participants will be spreading the Kingdom of God all over the globe – proclaiming the Good News, healing infirmities, fighting injustice, and discipling new believers.”

After a public call to commitment, more than 800 new believers stood with glow lights to demonstrate their new faith in Jesus.  A total of 3740 people re-commited their lives to Jesus.

The call to missional service yielded 10,000 response cards, with 6434 people deciding to lead an evangelistic Bible study with non-believers. There were 7058 commitments made to global or cross-cultural missions:

  • 4224 decisions for more than two years of missionary service
  • 3071 mid-term commitments
  • 5744 short-term commitments

One evening, 32,000 Caregiver Kits were assembled to distribute to AIDS Caregivers in three African countries. During the week, numerous innovative social enterprises were launched, and a special offering raised $800,000+ to support specific missions around the world.

Conversations overflowed at our NCF booth in the Exhibit Hall. We talked to 35 students who are interested in starting NCF ministry on their campus, and 12 who want to learn more about NCF staff, plus scores of nursing students with serious questions about how to serve the Lord in their nursing careers.

NCF staff Connie Jarlsberg and Renee Lick led seminars packed out by hundreds and hundreds of people. Renee reports, “The first afternoon of my seminar, God’s Call to the Healthcare Professional, I could hardly believe my eyes. The room was full 10 minutes before we started and students were still streaming in! I found out later that 200 students were turned away after the chairs and floor spaces were all taken.”

“I am thankful to God that so many healthcare students were interested in learning how to practice healthcare as ministry,” said Renee.  “After our seminar, Dr. J. Scott Ries and I answered students’ questions and it was a joy to offer advice and pray for them. They have a deep desire to serve God and a willingness to go wherever he leads. I am thankful to see the gift of faith that God has given to students in this generation.”

Watch all the Urbana 12 videos of featured speakers, drama, testimonies and join in God’s Great Invitation.