Innovative Resources for Leaders

882017orangeseatsDuring the summer, most NCF student chapters take a break. This gives our NCF Student Ministries staff an opportunity to create new ministry resources.

I’m excited about two significant resources we are in the process of developing for our chapter leaders!

NCF faculty advisors and student leaders are the backbone of NCF student ministry. Without their vision and dedication, student chapters would not exist. Yet, many of these volunteers receive no training in chapter leadership and voice a desire to learn and lead more effectively.

In response, we are developing an online course for student leaders. Using a variety of formats from short videos to interactive quizzes, the course will equip students with the basics of NCF leadership. We hope to have the online course launched during fall semester!

Another resource in development will train NCF students to share the good news of Jesus with others on campus in a winsome and appropriate manner. In the coming year, we hope to pilot several “plug-and-play” outreach events centered around various discussion topics. These events will include a pre-recorded lecture, discussion questions, and a leader’s guide. Our hope is that the guide will enable leaders to facilitate a conversation that highlights pertinent spiritual insights and questions!

Please pray for guidance, wisdom, and diligence as we develop resources and prepare for the fall semester!

Tim Lin, NCF Student Ministries Director

Find more resources for nursing students and educators.


One Response to “Innovative Resources for Leaders”

  1. GICNR Says:

    What innovative resources leaders indeed.

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