Safety Starts with God

4152016blessinghandsNational Nurses Week provides abundant opportunities for Christian nurses to express God’s love and grace to peers and co-workers. This year’s theme is A Culture of Safety Starts with You.

Last year, the NCF nurse group in Charlotte, North Carolina had a creative idea for Nurses Week. They received a grant from a church and put together special boxes containing a small vial of oil and a card explaining the traditional ritual of the Blessing of the Hands.

The group gave hand-painted boxes to an NCF Faculty Advisor and a nursing student instructor to use to bless their students and pray for them as they prepare for nursing.

Colleen Christenson is a leader of the NCF nurse group in Charlotte. This year the group is planning to give away NCF Gift Memberships to some students and new graduates they want to encourage. “Our group is very keen on reaching out to students and new grads in this way,” Colleen said.

Nurses Week is around the corner! Invite your coworkers for a theme-related Bible discussion on Psalm 91 and explore how God provides a culture of safety for those who trust in him. Check out all the NCF resources and prayer ideas to share God’s love with your nurse friends and coworkers during this special week May 6-12, 2016.

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