Why NCF Membership is Important

3172016tshirtDuring my nearly 44 years in nursing, I have often reflected on how fortunate I was to have forward-looking nursing faculty who taught us the value of holistic care for individuals, families and communities.

They also taught us how to become nurses who would be committed, life-long learners, as well as the importance of engaging in professional issues and organizations.

We even printed “Professional Super Nurse” t-shirts to poke fun at our instructors!

I am so thankful that I was made aware of my responsibility to not only invest in my own professional growth, but also to invest in nursing itself as an active member of professional nursing organizations.

Every nurse knows that it is challenging to be involved in professional organizations (along with our many other responsibilities), but being involved in NCF has been a gift rather than a challenge.

Through NCF staff, resources and events, I have been able to invest in my personal growth as a Christian nurse and in the growth of Christian nursing. It has been a joy to discover how faith and nursing can be completely integrated and how I can flourish while serving Christ and others in nursing.

And even better, I have had countless opportunities to see students and nurses find life in Christ through NCF.

If you are a member of NCF, thank you!  You are connected to a broad network of Christian nurses who are devoted to serving God in healthcare. Please renew your membership promptly when it comes due so you don’t miss any issues of Journal of Christian Nursing or other benefits.

If you have yet to join NCF, do it now so you can be blessed by the Journal of Christian Nursing and significant discounts on CE in JCN and other LWW journals. Not only will you be supporting yourself as a nurse, but you will be advancing Christian nursing.  NCF members are more than individual members; they partner in what God is doing to prepare and equip Christian nursing students and nurses through NCF ministry.

For the first time in 13 years, NCF membership fees will increase a small amount in June 2016, so join now at the old 2003 rate. Find out more about the benefits of NCF membership–and how to join NCF!

I urge you to become an NCF member to support your Christian faith and your nursing practice.

–by Jane Hall, NCF National Director

2 Responses to “Why NCF Membership is Important”

  1. Luke Laari Says:

    ‘but being involved in NCF has been a gift rather than a challenge’. A statement, I can testify to as a complete truth. God bless and keep you.

  2. Kathy adler Says:

    I’m so thankful for you Jane. You have been such a blessing to so many. We love you and your servants heart. You have touched the lives of so many.

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