God at Work at SDSU

382016sdsuKirsten Sakata was nervous about starting a Bible discussion in her nursing school, but got excited when five people came to the first meeting a few weeks ago. The group discussed “Stress in the Life of a Nursing Student” from the What’s Vital? NCF Bible study series.

“God exceeded my expectations! We laughed, shed tears, and had deep conversations. The Lord met every one of us tonight,” Kirsten said. “I can’t wait to have the next meeting.”

Afterward, one of the girls texted Kirsten: “The study went really well. God was definitely in it.” Kirsten sees this as confirmation that God is moving in the nursing department.

“I see how many of my classmates are yearning for something more than just being “a nurse.” They want something more, and I believe this is a personal relationship with Jesus,” Kirsten said.

“I am thankful for what God is doing—and will be doing—on our campus!”

2 Responses to “God at Work at SDSU”

  1. Johannes Villanueva NP-C, Cardiology NP Says:

    Hi! God is good & will meet you whatever your needs are and use the fellowship to grow in your walk with Jesus as a nursing student & in your personal life! Keep it up!. I was a part of the NCF long time ago, I tell you that it helped me have that firm foundation so you can obey His will as a nurse no matter what !
    Joshua 1:9.

  2. Monica Says:

    Way to go Kirst! I came across this org while searching for a nursing devotional before work today. You always impress me. May God grow your faith and nursing skills and those of your friends too!

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