R for Record

292016record220Many years ago I started keeping a prayer journal. My small notebook is more like a prayer list. I write out a date with a simple phrase or sentence. For example: 1/15 Karen—diagnosed with breast cancer. This brief statement reminded me to pray for my friend on a regular basis.

Eventually I added an update: 2/15 successful surgery, starting chemo/radiation. The best part is when I am able to cross out the prayer and write in PTL (Praise the Lord!): 1/15 Karen—diagnosed with breast cancer 2/15 successful surgery/starting chemo/radiation..

Since I have used the book for multiple years, I can go back and see a prayer, often with an answer or resolution. Many entries are for basic concerns. They include personal concerns, the time I had surgery,  and prayers for professional colleagues and projects.

Recording our prayers and praises doesn’t have to be complicated or time-consuming. It is a great way to remember and reflect on how the Lord has worked in our lives. Psalms 143:5 states,

“I recall the old days; I meditate on all you have done; I reflect on your accomplishment.”

Seeing answered prayers keeps me steadfast in hope for the unanswered ones.

Carrie Dameron


Carrie Dameron, MSN, RNBC, who is a regular contributor for Nurses Christian Fellowship International and Journal of Christian Nursing. She provides resources for Christian nursing on her blog http://blog.carriedameron.com/.

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