Top 5 Blog Posts of 2015

You’re in luck. You may not have had time in 2015 to read all of the new posts on the NCF Nurses Blog, so here is the highlight reel. These inspirational stories and articles reflect our most popular blog posts among Christian nurses.

Whether you’re a nurse, student, educator, or retired, may God’s Spirit encourage and equip you to spread His love, joy and peace in 2016.

Praying#1 10 Quick Prayers for Nurses

These brief scripture prayers will help you rely on the Lord throughout your day, in addition to your more extended devotional times.


C. Dameron#2 Christian Nursing 101

This 2010 blog classic is again high on the charts. What does it mean to be a Christian nurse? How is Christian faith reflected in essential skills for our profession and practice?


Fatigue#3 Addressing Compassion Fatigue

Nurses dealing with frequent heartache may feel fatigued, stressed or lose their ability to nurture. But there is hope for nurses suffering from compassion fatigue!


K. Doan#4 From Campus to Hospital to Campus

When God knocks on your heart, it’s time to open the door. For Krista Doan, God’s knocking meant applying for a campus staff position with Nurses Christian Fellowship.


Stethoscope#5 I Am A Nurse

My first stethoscope was a surprise gift from my children and husband after I was accepted into nursing school.

When I became a nurse, the new weight of responsibility reminded me of that feeling when I brought my first baby home.  Am I ready for this? Can I do this and do it well?

See more of the top stories from the NCF Nurses Blog, including Spiritual Nutrition, Good Grief: Living with Dying, and God is My Life.

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