Rejoicing in God’s Work on Campus

I have a front row seat to see what God is doing on campus among nursing students—and it’s so exciting! These are just a few of the stories I’ve heard since the beginning of the semester:

  • Katrina FountainThe NCF Faculty Advisor at Southeastern Louisiana University led students in a prayer walk around campus that ended in silent prayer and reflection at the Hurricane Katrina memorial fountain honoring those who died. It was August 29th, the 10th anniversary of the natural disaster that affected their area so deeply. Students were very moved by the prayer experience.
  • There were 65 nursing students who came to the first NCF meeting at the University of Missouri (Mizzou).
  • A new nursing student with no faith background attended an NCF outreach event and said one of her goals in college is to learn what Christianity is about. She then came to the NCF Bible study and was excited to see how scripture relates to nursing practice.
  • A faculty member, a nurse in the community, and an RN to BSN student all contacted NCF independently about starting NCF ministry at the Medical University of South Carolina. There were 24 nursing students who signed up for a Bible study and 10 came to the first meeting.
  • A new graduate wrote on a Facebook page for nursing students about a time she failed a class needed to graduate and went to God with her anguish and disappointment. After retaking the class and passing, she could look back and see God’s plan in it all. We commented on her post, letting student nurses know about NCF resources that can strengthen their faith when discouraged.
  • An InterVarsity staff team did a prayer walk to start a new chapter at Western Nevada College. A week later I was contacted by a nursing student about how to start an NCF Bible study there, and I put her in touch with the campus ministers who had been praying for mission-minded students at that school.

Rejoice with us in God’s healing love and power in the lives of nursing students so far this year. Please pray that new NCF groups will take root and flourish as vibrant communities that witness to the grace and truth of Jesus.

Bonnie Hann, RN, BSN, BS-Missionary Nursing
NCF Campus Liaison

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2 Responses to “Rejoicing in God’s Work on Campus”

  1. Jacoline Sommer Says:

    I pray to God if we can have the same kind of movements in my area and God use me to do it. Well done Many prayers

  2. sjamisonncf Says:

    What a thrill it was to read this blog! Though both intellectually and by faith I know God is at work, I thrill at reading so many accounts of His activity with nursing students around the country. I praise God and join daily in praying for a national director for NCF’s ministry among nursing students and faculty advisors

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