Shut In and Roaming Free

GateWe often think of the stages of grief as only applicable to a death. However, often patients who have been given a potentially disabling or terminal diagnosis go through the same stages of grief as they come to terms with the changes they will face in life.

Recently InterVarsity president Alec Hill was diagnosed with myelodysplasia and is currently undergoing a bone marrow transplant. As he prepared for this debilitating procedure, he wrote, “In the third century, Tertullian penned the following words from prison. Little did he realize the impact they would have on this cancer patient nearly 1800 years later:

Call it not prison but the place of retirement.
The body is shut in, but all is open to the spirit;
it may roam abroad on the way to God…
The leg does not feel the chain if the mind is in heaven.”

Changing our perspective and coming to a place of healthy acceptance can be quite a journey. How can we assist patients through the spiritual angst of this process? What types of spiritual assessment and interventions can you use to assist your patients as they adapt to new diagnoses?

Please join us in praying for Alec Hill’s complete healing.

One Response to “Shut In and Roaming Free”

  1. Jacoline Says:

    I am Jacoline Sommer, Vice President of NCF from Pakistan. My all prayers for him and we will remember him in all our small prayer groups of nurses. Thank you for sharing this news and trusting on prayers. God heal Mr Alec Hill so he can come back and carry on his ministry through InterVarsity.

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