NCFI: A World-Wide Fellowship

NCF InternationalIf you were a Christian nurse in Pakistan, or Nigeria, or Japan, how would you connect with other nurses who want to live out their faith in professional practice?

Praise God for Nurses Christian Fellowship International (NCFI) which connects nurses in many different countries around the word, including NCF-USA.

“We are partners with NCFI and embrace the mission to equip and encourage Christian nurses to integrate Biblical principles and Christ-centered values in clinical practice, leadership, education and research,” said Jane Hall, National Director of NCF-USA. “Our common values are built on God’s love and care for us and his work through us as nursing professionals.”

Dr. Barbara White, NCFI President, leads the international movement connecting Christian nurses. “This is an exciting time in the life of NCFI.  Country members continue to expand, connect and grow through local and national events,” said Dr. White. “Nurses gather for Bible study, worship, fellowship, and teaching for spiritual and professional growth.”

NCFI focuses on these areas:

  • Deepening the spiritual life and cultural awareness of Christian nurses around the world
  • Encouraging and equipping Christian nurses and students to live out their faith in nursing
  • Bringing nurses together through Regional Conferences and the World Congress in June 2016

Find out more about NCFI and NCF ministry in other member countries by visiting the new NCFI website.

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