From Campus to Hospital to Campus

Krista DoanWhen God knocks on your heart, it’s time to open the door.

For Krista Doan, God’s knocking meant applying for a campus staff position with Nurses Christian Fellowship.

“I graduated last year and started working as an RN, but there was always a yearning in my heart for something more,” Krista said, “but I didn’t exactly know what that was.” She began praying for God to show her where he wanted her to serve.

Last November, God’s knocking got louder, and Krista wrestled with a lot of fear and doubt about trusting God in this new journey.

“The challenges of my first year of nursing brought me to a place of complete surrender to God and his will for my life,” Krista recalled. “I was willing to go anywhere, as long as he was with me.” Doors opened to work on campus with nursing students as part of the NCF and InterVarsity staff team.

Krista personally understands the demands of nursing school and the opportunities for spiritual growth in college. She knows that NCF chapters encourage spiritual growth, offer leadership training, and create close relationships in supportive communities.

The decision to join NCF staff wasn’t easy, but Krista is excited about working with nursing students. “I am humbled to be called by God to serve this special group of people,” Krista said. “As I step out in faith, God makes his plan clear to me. The Lord never ceases to amaze me.”

“God is pursuing the hearts of nurses and nursing students,” Krista believes. “There is so much we all can contribute to Jesus’ kingdom.”

Krista Doan is currently developing a team of ministry partners who will pray and give financial support to her campus ministry in Florida. Join Krista’s ministry team.

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