The Healing Work of Jesus

The Healing Work of JesusNatalie Kwok pursued the field of occupational therapy because one thing was abundantly clear to her: this is the work of Jesus. Many nurses pursued nursing as a career for a similar reason.

Unlike nurses, it’s harder for Natalie to explain her work to others. “I love that I actually can’t explain what I do without talking about Jesus. I can’t separate my ministry from his because they are one in the same,” she writes in her article, “Pursuing the Healing Work of Jesus,” published by our InterVarsity coworkers at The Well.

Natalie writes, “Jesus is the master of meaningful life. He cares deeply about each person’s soul. When we read about him performing a miracle of physical healing, he wasn’t just restoring function — he was rejuvenating hope and renewing the person’s spirit.” We see this is true in our work as nurses.

“Jesus is a holistic, life-giving king,” Natalie says. “He cares about every part of our being: spiritual, physical, emotional and social.”

This is good news for everyone in a healthcare profession.

Read more of Natalie’s reflections in her article, “Pursuing the Healing Work of Jesus.”

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