The Path of Fatherhood

Father's Day videoFather’s Day has come and gone, but for those who are fatherless, the pain lives on.

In his poignant video on fatherhood, David Hui (our coworker and friend) offers a personal, powerful glimpse of growing up without a father, becoming a father, and learning to rest in the love of his true Father.  Follow his intimate story in One Father’s Journey: A Father’s Day Video.

Without a male role model in his life, David struggles to parent his own children wisely. “I feel like I snuck into this world of fatherhood through the back door,” David admits. “I don’t feel equipped for the job.”

David describes his ongoing process of healing from years of pain and loss. He often reflects on the words of King David who referred to God as “a father to the fatherless” (Psalm 68:5).

Whatever your relationship with your own father, you’ll appreciate this window of vulnerability David reveals to us.

David Hui is an associate producer with InterVarsity’s Twentyonehundred Productions.

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