Top Videos from Urbana 12

Urbana 12 videosWhat happens at Urbana doesn’t stay at Urbana. The abundant feast of God’s Kingdom is meant to be shared. So we’re sharing the most popular videos from this life-changing mission conference.

What’s the #1 Urbana video? Speaker David Platt probed, “What happens when every single student in this room makes their primary ambition, their primary plan, their primary dream the proclamation of the gospel to the nations? When that takes hold in our hearts, the gates of hell will not stop the spread of the gospel to the ends of the earth.” Watch his inspiring message on Luke 9.

High on the list is the Urbana 12 summary video. Catch a refreshing glimpse of how the next generation of college students is embracing God’s call to love and serve him around the world.

Another popular speaker was Ram Sridharan who challenged students to accept the invitation of the Father to come to feast and celebrate his magnificent love. Hundreds of students responded by publicly declaring their new commitment to Jesus. Watch Ram’s powerful exposition of Luke 15:11-32.

Urbana was full of drama – in a good sense. Here is The Great Invitation, Part One, a hilarious portrayal of Luke 14:15-24. Watch the “Great Invitation” series by Urbana’s performing artists. Spoiler alert: the ending is pretty good!

Our highlight reel includes the testimony of Chai Ling, a leader in the Tiananmen Square protests who found herself on China’s “Most Wanted” list. She talked about escaping China in a crate and how Jesus equipped her for a new mission today.

Check out all the Urbana videos and share in the feast of God’s grace to us in Jesus.

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