Captivated by Jesus at Urbana 12

Urbana 12 SummaryNursing students who received NCF scholarships to Urbana 12 shared how God touched their hearts and minds at this life-altering student mission conference.

“I came to Urbana for direction on where God was leading me, but those questions were unanswered. Instead, I was captivated by Jesus again and repented of my sin of indifference toward him. He convicted me of the need to cling to him as a child clings to a parent. I have increasing clarity that Christ is always leading me. He is the answer that I needed.”  –Danny

“Life is so much more than school and my daily struggles. I want to live for what matters eternally: to glorify God and to love others.” –Grace

“Urbana drastically impacted all aspects of my life. I finally grasped the truth that his grace is a free gift which I don’t earn or deserve. This revelation was a gateway to recommit my life to Christ and long-term missions. I will intentionally live out the Gospel at home, campus, everywhere I go.” –Judith

“I graduate in May and found opportunities to use my new nursing skills in Africa through an internship with mature nurses in a Christian mission community – very important to me!” –Kara

“I long to not just know God loves me but feel he loves me so that I may abide in his love and love others. God has given me a huge heart for nursing and discipling others. Please keep praying for me and others at Urbana . . . what happened at that conference will continue to shape and change our lives for years to come.” –Danielle

At Urbana 12, nearly 16,000 participants listened for God’s Great Invitation to actively partner in his global mission. See all the featured videos of speakers, drama, testimonies and worship at

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