When Tragedy Strikes

Bleeding HeartsThe collective grief of a nation has descended on a small town in Connecticut this week as families and friends mourn the senseless murders of school children and teachers. Our prayers, questions and fears rise up to the Lord of the heavens and our hearts weep for the harsh realities of our painful, broken world.

Making sense of the senseless isn’t possible, so how do we respond when tragedy strikes?

Former NCF director Mary Thompson offered words of healing and hope to the NCF group at the University of Arizona when a gunman shot and killed three professors in the School of Nursing in 2002. Mary said, “A tragic event affects us physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. Sometimes it is helpful to pause, reflect on what is happening to us, and consider ways to receive and provide care. Jesus is present to care for us in whatever we are facing.”

Read more of her wise words in the article, We have witnessed a tragedy, from InterVarsity’s campus website, StudentSoul.org. Mary also supplied a Bible study from John 11:17-44, Jesus meets those who are grieving.

May the God of all comfort give grace to those who mourn today.

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