Loving God’s Purposes

1182012sonburstGod is answering prayers in the Sunshine State of Florida where 450 students gathered at “Sonburst,” InterVarsity’s fall conference.

“The first night, more than 30 students made commitments to follow Jesus with their whole lives!” said Renee Lick, NCF Student Ministries Director. One student who used to worship Satan prayed to commit his life to God and said he could feel God’s presence. “We were overjoyed and thanked God for His transforming work in the lives of many students that night,” Renee said.

The theme of Sonburst was “Loving God’s Purposes in the World.” Students were reminded that they are first called to be followers of Jesus, and then they are called to be sent out. Students attended seminars challenging them to be a part of God’s mission in the world.

Renee led the Healthcare as Mission seminar for students who wanted to know more about healthcare as ministry. Students left equipped to do a spiritual assessment on others and respond in ways that will bring them before God. “It was a joy to see students begin to understand that the way they care for others is a reflection of God’s love and presence in their lives,” Renee said.

The day after the conference, Renee received a text message from a nursing student in Tampa: “I am about to share with my post-clinical group some of the spiritual care stuff we talked about. . . just asked my professor and she also asked me to come into her class and share more about it next semester! Please keep me in prayer! Just want Jesus to speak and have his way.”

Later the student sent another message to Renee: “Thank you for praying! Today was crazy and humbling. Jesus was glorified!” Praise God for answered prayer!


Please give to NCF Student Ministry so that more nursing students will take steps of faith and teach their classmates how to practice nursing as ministry.

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