Happy 80th, Eleanor Edman!

Dr. Eleanor EdmanI was honored to attend a birthday party for a very special NCF friend and nurse educator. On October 13th, 70 friends and colleagues of Eleanor Edman gathered in Shoreview, Minnesota to celebrate many years of her friendship, wisdom and service to God and his church.

Sagrid Eleanor Edman, PhD, RN, is a Christian leader and role model in nursing who recently celebrated her 80th birthday. She is a long-time partner in the ministry of NCF. Her many achievements as a nurse educator include establishing the department of nursing at Bethel College in St. Paul, MN.

Personally, I am grateful for Eleanor’s encouragement to me and the many ways she provided leadership in the ministry of Nurses Christian Fellowship and InterVarsity. Her influence is noteworthy:

  • Eleanor’s foundations in Christian faith and leadership experience in nursing brought wise perspectives to the direction and plans for NCF.  She faithfully served on the Board of InterVarsity and was a vital member of NCF national committees. She provided visionary leadership and practical guidance for NCF leaders to make wise decisions.
  • Eleanor listened, coached and provided vital encouragement to NCF leaders facing ministry challenges and fostered courage to move forward.
  • Eleanor saw new opportunities for ministry after retirement, including parish nursing.  Her significant relationship networks linked people together and opened doors for NCF.  She modeled how nurses can bring past experiences to new roles that serve people for Jesus Christ.

It was a privilege to celebrate Eleanor’s journey through life and milestone of 80 years. By sharing her life with us, our lives have become richer.

Mary Thompson
Former NCF Director

2 Responses to “Happy 80th, Eleanor Edman!”

  1. That Was The Week That Was « The Pietist Schoolman Says:

    […] I’ll join Mary Thompson and many others in celebrating my friend Eleanor Edman, founder of Bethel’s highly-regarded Nursing program, who recently marked a landmark […]

  2. sjamisonncf Says:

    Thanks, Mary, for sharing this tribute to Eleanor. I deeply appreciated her advice and modeling as a Christian leader in nursing education in my formative years as a young teacher and eventually administrator. We met primarily at conferences but I also recall phoning her to ask for her thoughts on issues I was facing. I too thank God for the legacy of Eleanor Edman. I am confident that yet today she is encouraging nurses and members of her church family.

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