Lament: Giving Words to Nurses’ Grief

GriefAs a nurse, you are intimately present with people who are seriously ill, suffering and dying. But who soothes your residual pain, anguish and doubt?

Renee Lick, NCF Student Ministries Director, turns to the psalms of the Bible and discovers people who experienced great suffering and loss yet somehow held on to their faith and hope in God. What can we learn from them?

Renee explains, “The lament or complaint psalms give voice to questions many nurses ask today: How long, O Lord? How long will suffering in children’s lives continue? How long will families and friends suffer from the untimely death of a young mother?” She notes that the psalmists do not abandon hope in the face of grief and pain. They direct their questions and sorrow to the God who hears, is present, and is worthy of praise. This visceral prayer, or biblical lament, offers a model of crying out to God in one’s grief.

Dig deeper into this article of hope, “Lament: Giving Words to Nurses’ Grief”, from the Journal of Christian Nursing, July-September 2012.*

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