CCHF Addresses Healthcare for the Underserved

Dr. Kamalini Kumar at CCHF 2012God’s presence was tangible among the 650 participants at the Christian Community Health Fellowship conference in Nashville earlier this month.

“People came from across the country to focus on the central mission of living out the gospel through healthcare among the poor, including 150 students,” said Renee Lick, NCF Student Ministries Director. “I prayed with students who have a deep desire to see people come to know Jesus at their schools.”

Dr. Kumar at CCHFKamalini Kumar, a long-time friend of NCF, gave the keynote address on “Care for the Caregiver: Dealing with Compassion Fatigue.” Skip McDonald also led a workshop on the importance for caregivers to take care of themselves, an encouraging message to many.

Speakers Dr. John Perkins, H. Spees, and Dr. Rick Donlon challenged participants to pray for a deeper faith to serve “in the trenches” where God calls them. God does not promise us an easy life, but he does promise to never leave us and to give us the gift of faith as we seek after him and immerse ourselves in his Word.

Grace Tazelaar, NCF Missions Director, was given a gift of appreciation for her valuable years of service on the CCHF board. Renee Lick was voted onto the CCHF board for a 5-year term.

“I am thrilled by the increasing role that nursing is playing in our conference and the partnership between CCHF and NCF,” said Steve Noblett, Executive Director of CCHF. “Thank you for all your work in our common mission to see Christ’s love extended to the poor through faith-driven healthcare and compassion.”

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