NCF: A Catalytic Ministry

chemical beakerNCF Director Jane Hall still remembers studying chemical catalysts in her first chemistry course. Decades later, it’s a fitting metaphor for the new catalysts in ministry that she sees today.

“God is using his people in NCF as catalysts to expand our student ministry to new campuses and to empower students and nurses to share Jesus with others, Jane said in a recent letter to ministry supporters. “For example, students and nurses in Florida are utilizing the skills they learned this spring at an NCF seminar on spiritual care. They are more confident and see a difference in their patient care.”

This year 99 NCF chapters reported 2,408 students involved, a 58% increase from the previous school year! Your financial support for the coming school year is critical. We’re expecting Jesus to produce catalytic changes in the lives of more students and nursing students.

Will you join Jane in partnership for this critical mission? Your contribution before June 30, 2012 will help us balance our year-end budget and create momentum for the coming year. Give online.

To God be the glory!

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