Celebrating 30 years with NCF

4192012lkWhere were you on April 19, 1982? You may not remember, but I know where I was! This day changed the rest of my life – and probably changed Nurses Christian Fellowship as well.

On April Fools Day in 1982, my job at a nursing home was eliminated (it wasn’t called “down-sizing” back then). I was the “bread-winner” for my family with a husband in college plus three young children. I needed a job! Through a connection with a friend at church, I learned that Nurses Christian Fellowship was hiring a secretary. I didn’t know anything about NCF or InterVarsity’s ministry at that point. Basically I needed a job and I could type accurately and fast.

My initial interview with Grace Wallace, NCF Director, was not what I expected. We spent more time talking about my relationship with Jesus than my typing skills. I realized then that she was looking for a team player who wanted to minister to nursing students. My second interview with Marian Hall, NCF Associate Director, was more about my office skills. At the end of the interview, she asked me to come to work on the following Monday. My very first task was to type up (on an IBM Selectric II typewriter) the first fundraising brochure for the new Journal of Christian Nursing.

Thirty years later, I still have the same role with NCF. I will admit it has changed. I type on a computer keyboard, not a typewriter. I do continue to serve nursing students and NCF staff. I have had the privilege of developing the NCF website from one very boring static page in 1995 to the current site with thousands of pages (which all have my fingerprints). In 2003 NCF offered a professional membership and it was my job to figure out how to make that work – from the database to the brochures to the website interface.

I find great joy in the work I do with NCF. I have been challenged to learn the “back-end” of just about everything – from conference registration and housing (yes, even finding pillows, washcloths and hangers), the database systems that track donor and member information, the NCF Nurses Blog and the NCF Facebook page.

Now I wonder what NCF ministry (from the behind-the-scenes office perspective) will be like on April 19, 2042. I’m certain one thing will still be a constant – we will be sharing the good news of a relationship with Jesus with nursing students.

by Linda Kunz

13 Responses to “Celebrating 30 years with NCF”

  1. Jane Hall Says:

    We thank God for Linda and all the ways that He has used her to transform NCF-InterVarsity. We love you!

  2. ncfnurses Says:

    Big thank you to Gene, Racquel and the NYC NCF Group for the beautiful flowers and the yummy (disappearing) chocolate :-)!

  3. kjgcool Says:

    Linda, Much deserved praise to you for all your hard work over the years! It remains a joy in knowing you and I’m so grateful for all your help with the conferences we worked on in New England these past years. May God continue to bless your work for NCF.
    Affectionately, Karen Grant

  4. Rose M Day Says:

    Linda, how wonderful 30 years. I know that you have been a real jewel to me. Always ready to help and answer my questions when I called many times. I see God’s shining Light in your life. May God richly Bless you. Much love and thankfulness, Rose Day, Canton, OH

  5. Mary Thompson Says:

    We are deeply grateful to God that you are with NCF! Thank you for 30 years of ministry. Mary Thompson

  6. Cindy Carter Says:

    Linda, thank you for sharing a concise summary of how you came to NCF and the changes over the last three decades within our organization. You are such a jewel! What a blessing to have one so focused on ministry in the midst of supporting those desiring to be the hands and feet of Christ in the world of nursing. Praise God that He lead you to us! Blessings!

  7. dan prueher Says:

    Congratulations on your dedication and service to others in life and work. I am sure your work contacts appreciate your creativity, persistence and follow-through like your theater buddies do.

  8. Darry & Ruth Says:

    I remember when you first came on board. I was on staff in So Cal and very glad to have your support in the home office.
    Ruth Hill

  9. Stephanie Grey Says:

    Thanks Linda!!

  10. Stephanie Grey Says:

    I was in my last year of high school getting ready to enter nursing school in 1983 in Jamaica! Where did the time fly!

  11. skippermc Says:

    Ahh! Linda, you are such a joy! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you for being you and all that you do for us.
    with love, appreciation and admiration!

  12. ncfnurses Says:

    Thank you Sandy. As you know I really enjoy my job, but mostly it is because of the people I get to work with. I look forward to working together in the future.

  13. sjamisonncf Says:

    Congratulations and THANK YOU so much Linda, for your dedication to the Lord, spirit of service, love for challenge, and flexiblity in so many ways – and to so many people. What a team player while also a leader and teacher. The face of NCF has changed but not its mission. Further it is evident that your first job, typing the first fundraising brochure for starting JCN was worthwhile considering the place JCN has among LWW publications and in mailboxes or iPads, or iPods or smartphone etc of nurses today.

    I don’t think quite as far ahead as 2042, but I’m very glad that in June or July 2012 I’ll be able to hear your cheerful voice when I dial the NCF office number on a day you are there to inquire about how to solve a particular informational or computer problem. Much more important than the information I’ll get will be the moments of friendship shared. I thank God for you, Linda, and pray that you will experience His peace, strength, and all-encompassing love. Sandy J..

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