What’s in store for the future of nursing?

4122012fonWhether or not you’re familiar with the highly publicized “Future of Nursing” (FON) report, you may wonder what lies ahead for the nursing profession. JCN Editor Kathy Schoonover-Shoffner gives an overview of the report and its implications in The Future of Nursing Report: Staff Nurses Step Up! It’s a free feature article from the new Journal of Christian Nursing.

“This report is not about nurses; it’s about the future of quality healthcare for all!” Kathy writes. She unpacks the importance of the “Future of Nursing” report for Christian nurses at all levels.

Much of the FON report focuses on two appropriate needs in nursing: (1) removing practice barriers for advanced practice registered nurses (APRNs) and (2) improving avenues for nurses to enter practice with (or quickly achieve) higher levels of education.

However, Kathy wonders what staff nurses at the point-of-care are thinking about the FON report. “As a staff nurse, I’ve asked myself some hard questions about what it might mean for me to implement the recommendations,” Kathy said. “At the end of a shift, have I practiced to the full extent of my education and training?”

If you’re curious about where nursing is headed, read this article from the Journal of Christian Nursing, April-June, 2012.

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