NCF Staff Unite in Common Mission


“All that you have, you leave behind; all that you are, you take with you,” said Tom Boyle, one of several InterVarsity leaders speaking with our NCF staff team at our annual meeting in Madison, Wisconsin this week. Tom challenged us to actively invite Jesus into our lives and ministry as we meditated together on Mary’s appeal to Jesus at the wedding in Cana from John 2.

“Our NCF staff are highly gifted people dedicated to our mission; it was refreshing to be together,” said Jane Hall, NCF Director. “The Lord watered our Spirits and renewed our vision for ministry among students and nurses.”

Jim Lundgren, Vice-President for Collegiate Ministries, spoke about the many ways NCF has been an innovative presence in InterVarsity for 60 years. “NCF has led the way in InterVarsity by taking vocation seriously, advocating for women in leadership, and developing a strategic ministry among nursing students,” Jim said. “NCF was a pioneer in developing a marketplace theology that prepares students for their careers as followers of Jesus.”

Alec Hill, InterVarsity’s President, spoke candidly with us about the value of NCF to InterVarsity. Terry Erickson and Sarah Schilling described the vision of the Evangelism Department and reviewed the Launch Bible studies, an easy-to-use online resource for NCF small groups. We are grateful for God’s faithfulness to us in NCF!

One Response to “NCF Staff Unite in Common Mission”

  1. skippermc Says:

    Thankful for my NCF family. I missed seeing all of you. God bless us! 🙂

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