Resuscitating NCF at Florida State University

NCF at FSUThere is new life in the NCF group at Florida State University in Tallahassee, Florida. Praise God!

“Last year, the FSU group had critically dwindled,” said Bonnie Hann, NCF Chapter Liaison. “The faculty advisor prayed faithfully and one student ignited a spark that really caught on. It’s exciting.”

That student is Bethany Gill who started up the group this year. The growing leadership team has 8 students with 3 additional faculty members involved. There are more than 80 people on the e-mail list who have indicated an interest in the NCF group.

Faculty Advisor Barbara Cottrell hosted the first social of the year at her house and 30 students came. A local nurse talked about her mission experiences. Another faculty member, Mai Kung, has also hosted the group in her home so students can get to know each other better.

“We’ve been busy and God is working at FSU,” Barbara said. “We are also in contact with the Christian medical student group, and they have opened their meetings to us, too.” The revived ministry of NCF on campus lives on.

3 Responses to “Resuscitating NCF at Florida State University”

  1. Renee Says:

    Frances, it’s great to hear that you used to be involved with NCF in Tallahassee! Please do be praying for the students and faculty at FSU – that they would be a “witnessing community” on campus!

    Click on this link for more info on local gatherings in Florida

  2. Frances L. Henry-Bush Says:

    That is indeed a blessing. I used to attend the branch in Tallahassee many years ago as well as conferences. Glad to know that it is back on task. Please advise of meetings. If able, will attend.

  3. Cindy Carter Says:

    Praise God!

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