Bible Studies Examine What’s Vital

Bible studyFour new Bible studies for nursing students are now available online. The NCF series, “What’s Vital?” has expanded to eight studies covering topics that integrate faith, nursing and spiritual care.

“An NCF faculty advisor called me and asked for Bible studies for her nursing students,” said Bonnie Hann, NCF Campus Liaison. “She wanted all of her students to learn how following Jesus relates to what they are learning in nursing school.”

After this request, Bonnie created eight Bible studies around issues important to nursing students. They are designed for individuals or for group discussion. Check out these new NCF Bible studies:

  • Stress in the Life of a Nursing Student: A look at how Jesus handled stress and what we can learn from his example in Mark 1.
  • Need a Break? A glimpse of how God met the needs of a burned-out prophet helps us trust God for our needs and the needs of our patients.
  • Compassion Fatigue: The book of Philippians offers ideas for how caregivers can keep a healthy balance and prevent burnout.
  • Thirsty No More: Insights from John 4 help us in assessing the spiritual needs of patients.

4 Responses to “Bible Studies Examine What’s Vital”

  1. Top Blog Posts for 2012 « NCF Nurses Blog Says:

    […] Bible Studies Examine What’s Vital New Bible studies for nursing students were added to this series covering topics that integrate […]

  2. Bible study topics Says:

    I had no idea these studies were available! I have lots of friends doing nursing. I’ll be sure to pass it along!!

  3. ncfjane Says:

    Please do check out these great new NCF Bible Studies! Our prayer is that you will spend time with God, alone or with others, to be present with him and to hear his voice. I’ve heard it said that we need to “need” God to be able to “know” him. Pick a study that relates to your “need” and ask the Holy Spirit to fill you with real, divine peace and direction.

  4. Tom Grosh IV Says:

    Excellent material. Will share with friends at Penn State Hershey Medical Center . . .

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