Testing faith at EPCC

prayer togetherWhen NCF Faculty Advisor Mary Lyons offered to pray for students before their exams, she was surprised to see more than 30 students respond to her invitation, out of a class of 44.

“These students come from every faith, with a few saying they are Christian,” Mary said. “This is all a God-thing. I am just available, and the students ask.”

This prayer tradition among nursing students at El Paso Community College (TX) took root about six years ago with two students who boldly let classmates know that they would be available to pray with them before exams. They asked for prayer requests and then prayed so that no one felt put on the spot to pray. The group grew and the next year classmates were asking for Bibles. Some students accepted Christ.

When these two students graduated, the prayer time lessened, but the faculty advisor continued to be available. Some students are asking for prayer prior to clinicals. Other levels of nursing students are seeing this and desire to have a prayer time for their classes as well. God is at work!

2 Responses to “Testing faith at EPCC”

  1. Bonnie Says:

    Your place of work or on your campus? If you are interested in learning more about how to start a NCF group or chapter, I’m happy to help you out with that. You can email me at bhann@intervarsity.org or response here – whatever you’re most comfortable with.

  2. lilo narouz Says:

    GREAT !!!! Hope to have this in my place….but I wonder

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