Hope in Uganda

KBC Ugandaby Connie Jarlsberg, NCF Missions Specialist

In September I was in Uganda for a medical mission week sponsored by Kampala Baptist Church (KBC). We saw God at work in so many ways!

I led a team of volunteers from Highland Park Baptist Church (HPBC) in Southfield, MI. They jumped right in, working hard and long every day in partnership with KBC members. God answered our prayers for good relationships between the American and Ugandan nurses. I saw lots of smiles and laughter throughout the week.

ConnieDuring the KBC medical mission week we saw more than 2,000 patients, with 74 people making first-time decisions to follow Christ. Most of the patients were not acutely ill but came because KBC is known as a place where people care. I saw several women with HIV who are currently on treatment—all of them knew we didn’t have any additional medical options to offer them. The prayer team prayed over them, after they were seen by the medical staff, and they left the clinic having hope for life beyond this one.

That’s the reward this week offers: treating not just medical needs but seeing the whole person — and offering hope where there often is none.

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