Rejoice with us in the loving intervention of God for an NCF member and faculty advisor who recently shared her story of healing.

My doctor identified a growing abnormal lymph node in my neck last month that was confirmed by a sonogram. Normal lymph nodes are small (<.5cm), mobile, soft and occasionally tender. Mine was the opposite: hard, fixed, non-tender and 1 cm (all findings suspicious of cancer). My dad died of this kind of cancer.

I saw a surgeon who viewed the sonogram, felt the node and confirmed my need for a biopsy. Just prior to surgery, both the surgeon and anesthesiologist felt the enlarged lymph node. However, when they put me under and made the incision, it was nowhere to be found.  A thorough exploration of the area revealed only healthy tissue; not even a small lymph node or mass of any kind was found.

I am still trying to process this all myself. All I know to do is praise my Father in heaven.

Amy Siple, MSN, FNP-BC

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