Weathering the Storm of Parkinson’s Disease

shipLike a sailor on treacherous seas, a person with Parkinson’s Disease deals with unpredictability on a daily basis. Devastating and debilitating, PD creates a stormy journey for those trying to navigate daily life.

Melinda Hermann’s research explores how patients deal with PD in “Weathering the Storm: Living with Parkinson’s Disease,” an article from the Journal of Christian Nursing, April-June 2011. The participants in her study reflected on their turbulent journeys with PD and shared how they redefined their individual sense of personhood.

“To weather the storm of PD, participants had to release aspects of self, which included control over their bodies and their dreams, former expectations, and future plans,” Melinda writes. “For most, their active expression of their spiritual faith in God was identified as the process by which they came to terms with PD. It was as if they recognized their physical, psychological, and spiritual limitations and allowed God to take control of the helm.”

Melinda encourages healthcare providers to look beyond the disease and see the person. People with PD may benefit from talking about how PD has affected them and how they are coping in the present.

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3 Responses to “Weathering the Storm of Parkinson’s Disease”

  1. Arlene McGrory Says:

    a very good article – very sensitive

  2. ncfnurses Says:

    You can find the article Weathering the Storm: Living with Parkinson’s Disease at Click on “Journals” then find Journal of Christian Nursing. This is the current CE feature and you can read it full text free of charge on the JCN page at If you want to do the continuing education you pay after taking the test and get a certificate immediately.

    I’m not sure if you are a member of Nurses Christian Fellowship but NCF members have full access to all of JCN and get a 30% discount on all of the JCN CE. You can learn more about membership at

    I pray God leads you in sharing with other nurses with PD. We are not aware of any such support groups but I wonder if God would lead you to start one? I pray with you for God’s guidance and grace. May he also encourage you and support you as you continue your journey.



    Kathy Schoonover-Shoffner, PhD, RN
    Editor, Journal of Christian Nursing
    Staff, Nurses Christian Fellowship USA

  3. Arlene McGrory Says:

    I am very interested in reading the entire article.
    I am interested in the CEUS also.
    I have Parkinson’s and am a nurse. I would like to start or participate in a chat room on nurses with Parkinson’s disease.
    Arlene McGrory

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