Abiding in Jesus: A Clinical Approach

grapes on the vineNCF students and faculty on a weekend retreat in Michigan got a fresh look at what it means to “abide in the vine”, as Jesus instructed his followers in John 15. NCF staff Renee Lick asked them to write nursing care plans based on this Biblical text. Here are some examples of their Nursing Diagnosis, Interventions and Outcomes:

Nursing Diagnosis: Spiritual Malnourishment R/T resistance to pruning, AEB: lack of fruit, over-grown branches, and withering.
Interventions: daily prayer, Bible studies, NCF retreats
Outcomes: branches will abide in Vine, Branches will bear fruit

Nursing Diagnosis: At risk for not producing fruit R/T: lack of connection to the vine, stressful environment (job and patients).
AEB: inability to focus on Christ, frustration, taking too much personal responsibility, not seeking help when appropriate, ineffective debriefing.
Interventions: encourage the person to open up, set aside time for God, self, rest. Go to NCF retreat.
Outcomes: increased production of fruit by next NCF retreat.

Michigan students“I am thankful that so many students and faculty were able to attend and be reminded that it’s not about what they do, but who they are connected to,” said Renee. “They are branches connected to the true Vine of Jesus who invites them to abide in him every hour of every day.”

Students and faculty reported that they really needed to hear the message of John 15 to abide in the vine as work, school, family and other responsibilities often distract them from remembering their need to be restored in God’s presence.

One Response to “Abiding in Jesus: A Clinical Approach”

  1. Robin Says:

    So true…He is the vine, we are the branches, we need Him in every way….

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