NCF CE Events Coming in 2011!

FranWhat are the most requested topics for NCF continuing education events? “Compassion fatigue and dealing with conflict top the list,” says Fran McHolm, NCF Continuing Education Director. Fran is planning nine CE conferences for this spring on these topics, as well as seminars on bullying among nurses, spiritual care, stress, and time management. Conferences will be held in CO, OH, MA, VA, NC and NY. Become a member of NCF and get discounts on all NCF CE events.

Coming in Spring 2011:

February 4-6 in Round Top, TX:  Breaking Free: Helping Patients Create New Possibilities for Optimal Health

February 26 in Denver CO: Bullying Among Nurses: Why? What Can I Do?

March 19 in Cleveland, OH: Christian Perspectives on Boundary Setting: Why? How?

April 2 in Canton, OH: Creating a Healing Environment

April 29 in Hopkinton, MA: If Not YOU, Who? Extraordinary Nursing for Extraordinary Times

April 29 in Lynchburg, VA: Compassion Fatigue: Caring Too Much with Too Little

April 30 in Charlotte, NC: Compassion Fatigue: Caring Too Much with Too Little

May 14 in New York, NY: Spiritual Care

Give here to support NCF staff Fran McHolm‘s ministry of Christian-based continuing education programs with a tax-deductible contribution.

3 Responses to “NCF CE Events Coming in 2011!”

  1. AnitaNurse Says:

    Thank you Fran for making these available. I remember you from nursing school many moons ago! God bless you!

  2. ncfnurses Says:

    The Cleveland conference is online at:, as is the information for a conference in Madison Heights, VA ( I believe this is the one that was mentioned as Lynchburg). The Canton conference will be on that webpage soon.

  3. debbie friday Says:

    Could you please send me the registration forms for the conferences in Canton Ohio and Lynchburg VA and Cleveland Ohio thanks so much Debbie

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