Caring for those who mourn

MiriamMeet Miriam, an Inter-Varsity alum and nurse who graduated in 2009. She currently works at a women’s hospital in North Carolina where she often cares for women who have lost a baby due to miscarriage. Miriam shared how God has given her the grace and strength she needs in difficult times. She sees and meets the emotional and spiritual needs of her patients that others sometimes overlook.

A patient recently told her, “You did a great job taking care of me tonight, thank you!” Miriam states, “I am definitely seeing the Lord at work in my relationships with my patients.”

Join us in thanking God for nurses like Miriam who care for those who mourn with Christ’s compassion.

One Response to “Caring for those who mourn”

  1. Cindy Carter Says:


    In my life, God has also brought mourning mothers to me. As a doula, I worked with many couples of twins, triplets, and quads who had previous miscarriages and infertility issues. Some of those same parents struggled with the loss of one of their children in the multiple pregnancy. As an antepartum nurse, I also worked mourning mothers, sometimes because of the loss of a dream, sometimes the loss of life. As a grandmother, we have experienced the pain of miscarriage and pregnancy loss five times with three different children and their spouses. Yet God in His mercy has used every one of those times of sorrow to strengthen me in my faith and trust in His omnipotence. I take that slant on life with me as I minister to others.

    I pray that as the Lord is His omnipotence uses your hands to minister to those women in need, your love for Jesus will be so obvious that they will be drawn to ultimate salvation through the power of the Holy Spirit.


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