Top 5 health issues for students

What are the top 5 health issues on campus? See if you agree with this list from NPR’s health blog, “Shots”.

NPR Shots Blog

Our NCF students struggle with many of these issues. “One of the ways NCF lives out our mission on campus is by being a living example of “health” in every aspect of the word,” said Renee Lick, NCF staff. “We believe that wholistic health (shalom) is God’s desire for us all.  Nursing students have the opportunity to teach, practice and enjoy what healthy living in Christ can truly be.”

NCF promotes a healthy lifestyle that includes getting enough sleep, exercising, and balancing the demands of work, family, and school. Difficult? Yes, but vital in how we live for Jesus in a complex world.

2 Responses to “Top 5 health issues for students”

  1. Skip McDonald Says:

    I especially agree with mental health, sleep issues and lack of exercise. I am thankful that NCF seeks to care for the whole person.

  2. Stephanie Grey Says:

    Today was Global Hand Washing Day!

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