URGENT! Pray for Nurses in Pakistan

Pakistan FloodThe flooding in Pakistan over the past weeks has been devastating, with reports that 1/5 of the country is under water. This has affected more victims than the Tsunami and Haiti disasters combined. The Pakistani people must be in our thoughts and prayers!

Nurses Christian Fellowship in Pakistan is our newest fellowship in NCFI. NCF nurses are actively assisting those who have been displaced and lost loved ones by this latest disaster, as they did in the 2009 earthquake. NCF Pakistan is helping all people, Christian or Muslim, affected by these floods. They are establishing a mobile dispensary to give greater assistance.

Can you please help in getting this dispensary up and running so NCF Pakistan can assist those affected? If you would like to donate, make checks payable to InterVarsity and indicate “NCFI-Pakistan” in the memo section. Send checks to NCF, P.O. Box 7895, Madison, WI 53707-7895. Thank you!

Dr. Barbara J. White, RN, CNS
President, NCF International

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