Meet the new NCF Director

Jane HallOn July 1, 2010 Jane Hall was officially appointed as the Director of NCF. She is not new to NCF, having served on staff with NCF for many years in Texas.  Jane brings great warmth, wisdom and passion for the Lord to her new role and we are rejoicing in God’s provision!

Recently Jane was asked, “What excites you about the future of NCF?” Here is her response:

Our ministry opportunities are endless! We are very committed to our growing student ministry. This fall, more than 30 new NCF student groups are starting up! Bonnie Hann and our field staff guide the leaders of these groups as they make Jesus known to their classmates.  Renee Lick, Student Ministries Director, is creating new resources and recruiting new staff. Our NCF outreach at NSNA each spring is vital to reaching students and faculty.

The Journal of Christian Nursing continues to get better and better because of our exceptional staff.  Kathy Schoonover-Shoffner and Cathy Walker work closely with JCN authors to make the Journal relevant to all areas of Christian nursing. Students and nurses are benefiting from the outstanding biblically-based articles, CE opportunities, and practical wisdom in JCN.  In September Kathy will attend the annual Westberg Parish Nurse Symposium to present how parish nurses can influence their practice by sharing their experiences and evidence-based practice in JCN.  Our partnership with our publishers (Lippincott Wilkins & Williams) to produce JCN has helped expand circulation and enhance its look and content.

Membership in NCF continues to grow, providing special JCN and CE privileges — in print and online.

Web-based communication opportunities are exploding. The national office staff, Linda Kunz, and two part-time staff, Shelley Soceka and Kimberly French, work feverishly to manage and create new information for all of our web-based tools:  the NCF website, Facebook Fan page, and the NCF Nurses blog.  We’ve recently been asked to offer online Bible study resources since students are taking classes, completing assignments, and communicating with faculty on the web.

Mission opportunities and education are hot! Grace Tazelaar, Missions Director, influences healthcare missions by writing, presenting, and partnering with other mission organizations to offer large conferences for nurses and students to learn about God’s heart for the world and what He is calling them to do.

CE and Nurse ministry are thriving around the country. Fran McHolm, CE Director, manages our CE programs to give nurses a biblical perspective on current nursing issues and practice. Many groups of nurses gather in their homes and workplaces to explore God’s Word and discover how it relates to the Christian nurse’s character and practice. Advanced practice nurses connect and interact online about the challenges and opportunities before them through their web discussion group.

I still remember attending my first NCF meeting when I was teaching.  NCF students and faculty gathered together for Bible study, prayer and fellowship after morning classes.  After the first meeting, I was hooked.  What a deal — I could learn how to make my Christian faith relevant to nursing! When I read JCN and the book, Spiritual Care: The Nurses Role by Judy Shelly and Sharon Fish, the Holy Spirit lit a fire in my heart to be more connected to NCF and its efforts to present Jesus in nursing.  I’m still excited about the opportunities before us as Christian nurses!

One Response to “Meet the new NCF Director”

  1. Cindy Carter Says:

    It is an amazing blessing for all of NCF to have you, Jane, be our leader. I know your heart, and you are truly a Christ-follower that loves her Lord and loves nurses everywhere. Thank you for totally depending on the Holy Spirit’s leadership and being an example of a servant of the Most High God.

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