Nurses at our Nation’s Birth

Colonial FlagAs we celebrate Independence Day, let’s thank God for the nurses who played a critical role in our nation’s birth during the Revolutionary War.

During the brutal winter of 1777-78, George Washington’s 12,000 Patriot troops encamped at Valley Forge were severally ravaged by disease, exposure and starvation.  Nearly 2,000 soldiers died. Did you know that in the midst of utter deprivation, women were paid to take care of the sick and dying? Yes, paid nurses played an important role in caring for young soldiers who sacrificed everything for a crazy dream of liberty.

This July 4th weekend, we honor all the nurses who have cared for wounded soldiers throughout our nation’s history.

3 Responses to “Nurses at our Nation’s Birth”

  1. Jane hall Says:

    Will pray for Ruth. May God raise up more Ruths.

  2. Marian Murphy Says:

    nurses have always been there to help when needed!

  3. ruth watson Says:

    pioneer in ncf in chicago, st. louis, mo., new orleans, la. bayou mission churches with j.g. watson, moody bible student…
    ruth is 95 yrs old at forrest general hospital, hattiesburg , ms going home soon. please pray for her. thankyou. she helped so many.

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