Evangelism, Nurses, and the Future of Healthcare

NSNA 2010What does a leap of faith look like? For Nurses Christian Fellowship, its 3,000 nursing students and four days of priceless conversations about embracing Jesus as the one true healer of body, mind and spirit.

We’re taking a leap of faith in evangelism at the annual convention of the National Student Nurses Association in Orlando on April 7-11, 2010. Our NCF exhibit includes a new interactive display to talk about spiritual needs with students, close to booths selling stethoscopes, representing hospitals and promoting the latest study guides for the nursing board exam.

“Students come to this convention excited, fearful, overwhelmed and idealistic about what lies ahead for them in the nursing world. Often they find us at the NCF exhibit and share their struggles about school, their lives, and the ethical dilemmas they face being a Christian in the profit-driven healthcare environment,” said Renee Lick, NCF Director of Student Ministries. “Our hope is that our interactive proxe station will be a springboard into deeper spiritual conversations and commitments to follow Jesus.”

Renee believes that some students who go to this professional nursing convention will meet Jesus and return to their campuses with a new calling as God’s caregivers in a hurting world. She adds, “Where else would Jesus be if not among those who are in the work of healing?”


NCF staff Skip McDonald says, Pray for us! She will be presenting two special sessions, “Preparing for Nursing: Do You Have What It Takes?”

One Response to “Evangelism, Nurses, and the Future of Healthcare”

  1. Stephanie Grey RN/FCN Says:

    dear NCF staff,
    this is awesome, so many times spiritual care is left out of nursing care-even in education curriculums. I will be praying for nurses to learn more about Jesus and His role as the Great physician. God bless.

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