Uganda Summer Mission

NCF Summer Mission Trip to UgandaGod @ work…

Applications open for NCF Summer Mission Trip to Uganda

If you’re a nursing student wondering what to do this summer, consider a trip to Uganda!

“We’re offering nursing students an exciting opportunity this summer to explore God’s call on their lives as nurses and get a taste of missionary nursing,” said Grace Tazelaar, NCF Missions Director who is spearheading the NCF Global Project to Uganda scheduled for July 14 – August 10, 2010.

NCF students will have the opportunity to visit hospitals, clinics and nursing schools to experience what it might be like to serve God in another culture and learn how biblical values affect nursing practice in a resource-limited healthcare environment.

“We are praying for more applications before the deadline on March 31,” reports co-director Connie Jarlsberg, NCF Missions Specialist. “The students who have applied are amazing; they are stepping out in faith and seeking God for his direction. It’s exciting!”

2 Responses to “Uganda Summer Mission”

  1. Bonnie Hann Says:

    You’re right, nursing is a hard job. Fortunately it can be rewarding and satisfying, too!

    Sounds like you might be experiencing a low point in your nursing career. What are you facing right now that makes your job seem so very hard?

  2. Nursing Care Plan Says:

    nursing is such a very hard job

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